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Life Shed is an innovative service designed to work with you as an individual to explore all areas of your life. The programme is designed to look at your general health, fitness and wellbeing and to implement some positive changes to enable you to live a more healthy and well balanced lifestyle.

You may find yourself here because you are feeling pretty disillusioned with weight-loss programmes. You may find yourself here because you are struggling to find an effective work-home life balance. You may find yourself here because your doctor has suggested that you need to lose weight and increase your level of exercise, either to remain well or to get well.

Whatever the reason that you find yourself here, allow me to explain what Life Shed is not. Life Shed does not do quick fixes, they are not sustainable. It is not about telling you what you should or should not eat, what exercise you should take or how you should be spending your time.

Life Shed is about taking the time to explore the whole of your life: how you function physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is about identifying issues that you may not be aware of as far as your health is concerned. It is about how you use your resources, how you organise your life and your time and how all of those things impact on you and the people around you. It is about working with you to discern what you need and want and how you might achieve those things.
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